Delete WhatsApp messages without reading? That's how it's done!

Delete WhatsApp messages without reading? That’s how it’s done!

Delete WhatsApp messages without reading: Is that possible? Yes! And right in two ways. learn how to unseen deletes a message or tricking the read receipt on contact!

After downloading WhatsApp for Android or iOS can already drifting borderline message or an ancient acquaintance can undesirably heard from again. Then you can delete the message, without the sender receives a read receipt for it – or, without having to read the message at all.

Delete WhatsApp messages without readingWith these tricks to WhatsApp messages can be deleted without reading it (Image: pixabay / Editorial)

With these two tricks WhatsApp delete messages without reading (without blue check mark)

Who wants to delete a message in the “unread” status from his conversations, has two paths to choose from, it can take. Both work one hundred percent, and are easy to implement.

1. The network connection caps and tricking blue checkmark

In this fast variant only has to be ensured that the Messenger has no connection to the Internet during the opening of the chat. This is, for example, by disabling Wi-Fi and data connection or by simply switch to airplane mode. Now open the chat desired and with a long touch, the corresponding mark (s) send (s). Following now only the icon with the trash must be selected and the Internet connection can be restored. The sender’s message will otherwise remain fitted in the chat history with two gray check mark, even if it is or not to read in their own conversation to open the conversation afterwards.

Delete WhatsApp messages without reading flight modeThanks to an activated flight mode, WhatsApp messages can be deleted without reading them. (Screenshot: Editorial)

2. Adjust the privacy settings and uncheck read receipt

Delete WhatsApp messages without reading by temporarily disabling the read receipt: This option works only if the Messenger when not displaying the affected conversation, but the thumbnails or another chat.

  • To do this first opens the main menu of the Messengers and here the following options: Settings, Account and data protection.
  • Here, the tick must be removed when read receipt at the bottom.
  • that conversation can now be opened and the items affected are marked by a long exposure.
  • Finally, the Trash icon just have selected and the deletion is confirmed.

the read receipt can be reactivated now, without the sender gets ever displayed a blue check mark next to this message.

Disable delete messages the read receipt and WhatsApp without readingA short disabling the read receipt allows you to delete the message without blue check mark to leave the sender. (Screenshot: Editorial)

not read the message only

Those who want to protect themselves from unnecessary or unwanted conversations can also delete WhatsApp messages without reading them. However, this method is a little rabid and it also does not come to the first words of the message around. Who is not a little curious and just want to be left alone, may in the overview of his conversations Select a longer touch and delete following by clicking on the trash chat question simple.

However, this approach only works in single chat. For group chats there is no way currently, unread messages to remove (however, the group can be left). Before further messages from this sender can you protect yourself effectively if you block these WhatsApp contact.