Parents Friend gives users a comprehensive tool package for the limitation of PC use at hand. The freeware parents put their offspring, for example, a freely selectable time limit on the computer and hide web content before their eyes. In this way, Parents Friend ensures that the offspring can surf the net, be able to call without pornographic or violent sites. In addition, it prevents the child protectors to start certain programs. So father can leave his ex-18-person shooter installed and does not have to worry that the junior in unguarded moments also unpacks the virtual Shotgun. Furthermore Parents Friend blocks access to important Windows areas such as the Control Panel, if necessary. In this way, the guard prevents accidental changes to the system that may well happen once wild Click the offspring. Parents Friend is completed by an unremarkable run log. This takes place by, among others, be surfed websites and launched software and sent on request at regular intervals automatically by e-mail.

Limitations of Parents Friend

The freeware version replaces every fourth letter in the log by a point.