If Burning Series offline , this does not have the same mean that the controversial web service for serial lover has completely ceased operations. We show where the user will receive technical information about outages and server problems and what the alternatives are. More on this below!

Burning Series offline - server problems than likely cause

With the Burning Series App Download the friend of TV movies and series gets access to the popular streaming site. Unfortunately, this is struggling lately more and more often with technical difficulties, failures, interruptions and connection problems. Therefore, it is not uncommon that Burning Series is offline when the user calls the service. As the streaming service is known, in a legal gray area, the suspicion on quickly that Burning Series down is because anger is threatening and the operator must set the service. But this is currently not the case: Burning Series lives and when the streaming portal will not open, server problems are the most likely cause. In other cases, the reason is usually the Hoster. Some failures are also the result of so-called DDoS attacks that targeted the system put lame.

Burning Series offline

Burning Series Facebook page as a good source of information on technical problems

Those looking for more information about current outages and connectivity issues, should visit the Burning Series Facebook page, as operators there usually react quickly to technical problems and tell what happened and when the streaming portal goes online again. If this is not the case, you at least get the reports of other users of what's going wrong and can discuss server failures and malfunctions and learn about alternative streaming services like kinox.to in the gray area or one of the fee-based services like Amazon, Netflix or Google share.

Facebook presence of Burning Series

With a free test-month bridge the Burning Series offline time.

Those who opt for an alternative because Burning Series is offline, making a good decision, as the legal situation of cinema and series portals such Kinox.to or Burning Series is legally very controversial. Still arguing the media lawyers, whether the user is liable to prosecution because of this, at least temporarily lands while watching a movie on the hard drive of the user and thus an illegal copy is made. The film will be automatically deleted after viewing, and could thus be for the user perfectly legal, but you should not rely on it and make more thoughts about upgrading to a safe and legal premium streaming services. Another advantage: Netflix and Watch Ever even offer a free trial month, the time can be best bridge in case of failure of Burning Series.