How to pay for Steam and buy games

How to pay for Steam and buy games

How to buy real games on the popular Internet sales platform for computer games? make smart now how to pay on Steam! The Valve games platform Steam is basically free. The download of Steam, installing and using the software are therefore free of charge. However, those who buys a game on Steam, must first pull out the wallet. But how can you at pay Steam? pay Steam

When you have to pay on Steam?

The following explains what options are available to purchase games through Steam. A game does not have to be paid again if you have bought it already in the store and you want to activate on Steam with the supplied key. Although the game has been deleted and is now to be reinstalled from the Steam library, you do not have to pay again on Steam it.

What is needed?

So you can pay and buy games on Steam, you need an Internet-enabled computer or web-enabled console and a stable Internet connection (preferably a broadband connection), installed Steam software and a furnished Steam account.

Possibilities of the online purchase on Steam

How can you buy games on Steam? Steam offers several payment options for its customers. Here, however, must first be decided whether money is to be loaded onto the Steam account, games are paid by then, or if you pay for the respective games directly. For both versions, the same payment options are available. Besides the classic payment by credit card, which is unsuitable for minors, the user between PayPal, Paysafecard, bank transfer, WebMoney, iDeal and Moneybookers can choose. To recharge the account, the following steps must be followed: 1&# 46; Step: In the Steam program you click the top right of his or her account name. 2&# 46; stepHere are allowed to be his ‘Account Details’ view. 3&# 46; step: In the new window you select the option ‘Download your Steam balances to’ off. The following different amounts of money, which you can select. 4&# 46; step: The next screen provides an overview of the different payment options. Here select the preferred option and follow the instructions of the wizard.