WhatsApp Preview away? So you bring them back!

WhatsApp Preview away? So you bring them back!

WhatsApp preview disappeared? It’s because of an old operating system and new versions of the messenger – that’s the problem persists again & See the preview again!

Anyone for iPhone or Windows Phone receives no preview after downloading WhatsApp, probably has an older phone model. The security settings of the Messengers were adjusted in favor of data protection. Due to technical limitations – the provider – can therefore be displayed in the notifications to certain versions of iOS or Windows no more text preview.

retrieve WhatsApp preview

Who would not want to do without this function has exactly two alternatives: a new smartphone or an older version of WhatsApp. First, you must uninstall the existing version. Following an old version (all versions prior to 2.12) to download and install. or disable the automatic updates for WhatsApp in the port and start the WhatsApp preview is back on the smartphone.

An alternative solution to the problem presented in the following video:

Does WhatsApp push notifications incorrect on a current model or Android device that can either be due to a fault in the connection, or there are problems with the Push Notification Service for each operating system. In the first case, it helps to check the connection: If necessary, the flight mode is activated or you put just the dead spot? In the second case it may help to reset the phone to its default factory settings. Advance but the data should always be backed up. A third possibility is that the function is disabled, if necessary. In this case, the problem is resolved quickly:

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1. Activate WhatsApp push notifications on the iPhone

To activate the preview WhatsApp must first in the app’s settings under the menu item messages notifications, select Show to be activated. Following the iPhone settings are opened and the options messages and WhatsApp selected here. Here are the different types of notifications (banners, hint or No). To get a push notifications on the iPhone, even if the display is off, must be activated at this point in the lock screen.

WhatsApp previewActivate WhatsApp preview on an iPhone. Images: WhatsApp

2. Enable pop-up notifications on Android

On a smartphone with Android, the pop-up alerts can be enabled in the system settings. For this, open WhatsApp and following the main menu. Here Notifications option is tapped and following * Pop-up notification. * This will open a new window in which the options for WhatsApp preview display. Users can choose to not receive notification each time a pop-up message appears or only when the display is either on or off.

WhatsApp Android PreviewEnable pop-up notifications on Android

disable the preview again

you have enough of pop-ups & Push notifications, you can disable this easy. Depending on the operating system the procedure is as in item one or two. Owners of an iPhone it needs only the No set the reminder style on the option. Select Android users in the Notification settings No pop-up.