If you want to be Charging PayPal account, you have to go the route via giropay. learn here what it has and with this methodology is how to proceed!

PayPal is one of the most prestigious payment services on the Internet. Whether you log on to the computer on the website or with the PayPal app download service from your tablet or mobile use: Nearly every online store can be use this method of payment. Meanwhile, the online payment system to manage more than 230 million accounts and in nearly 200 countries. Anyone shopping convenient the Internet or money would be remitted abroad, may thanks to PayPal without much effort. The fees are clear and the service faster than a normal transaction via financial institution or savings. In addition, PayPal offers zusätzlichzen protection on the purchase and sale.

The PayPal account recharge with giropay

If you want to increase his credit, there are only the variant via giropay. Similar to PayPal itself is giropay an online payment method. The GmbH was founded in 2006 by Postbank, Fiducia IT and data centers of cooperative banks and the savings banks. PayPal is cooperating with the German service when it comes to the deposit to the personal PayPal account. We explain in a few steps how to do it:

Charging PayPal account

1st step: entering the data bank

First, these PayPal page must be called. In the fields provided one enters the data of the bank or savings bank (bank code, BIC, name or location of the bank). In the next step you will be redirected to the online banking area of ​​the respective financial institution.

Charging PayPal account bank data

Step 2: Set the desired amount

On the online banking site of the relevant bank the required amount will be entered. You can be charged PayPal account by amounts ranging from 50 euros to a maximum of 1,000 euros to be selected. Here, however, full euro amounts to be entered - cents can not post currently.

Step 3: Log In PayPal account

For direct deposit to the account, it is necessary that the user logs in to his PayPal account. After registration, the desired amount and the bank must be confirmed again.

Step 4: Make the payment via online banking

then logs you on the online banking site of his bank one, a pre-filled transfer, which will confirm by entering a TAN will need. Following the charged assets is directly available. Incidentally, there is no cost, wants to charge his PayPal account.

Payment of accepting credit

Was transferred by mistake too much into the account, you can charge the amount back again. To do log back in to the PayPal account and choose the option:withdraw money. It opens a screen in which the desired amount is entered. Then the account must be selected on which the money is to be credited, and the booking by clicking on debiting be confirmed. The amount should be credited within one to two business days to the selected account.

How does one arrive at a PayPal account, this clip reveals: