Badoo costs: How much you really pay for flirting? 2023

Badoo costs: How much you really pay for flirting?

Badoo costs at a glance. We reveal what contacting the free Flirt app actually costs and what features can be unlocked for it. Click here for the overview!

The download of the Badoo app, membership and use of the basic functions of the dating portal are free of charge. However, the provider has come up with a few interesting premium features that he gets paid vigorously:

Badoo costsTHe Badoo costs at a glance.

Badoo costs & Products

The paid premium features provide a number of additional ways to socialize, to pimp the profile and increase their own popularity. The cost can vary from time to time due to promotions, loyalty bonuses and other discounts. There are three product categories that are graded without discounts as follows:

Place profile prominently: Badoo cost points & Send Gifts

The points are mainly to draw the attention of other users on their own profile. Prices depend on the number of points purchased:

  • 2.00 euros for 100 points
  • 9.99 euros for 550 points
  • 19,99 Euro for 1 250 points
  • 39.99 euros for 2 750 points

The points can be used individually, for example:

  • to storm the charts
  • to appear in search results at the top,
  • the “Let yourself discover” use function,
  • often in the hit game shows to be.
  • to send gifts
  • to expand the daily contact limit.
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Cost of superpowers: unlimited contact

Badoo Super Powers are a kind of premium subscription. Users who book the Super Powers must following costs:

  • 1 week for 3.00 €
  • 1 month for 9.99 euros
  • 3 months for 23,99 €
  • 6 months for 35,99 €
  • 12 months for EUR 59.99

For this, the following additional functions are enabled:

  • Users can immediately find out who they matched or hit game liked.
  • With the Super Powers can be the hit game, the final decision be reversed.
  • In the invisible mode, users can visit other undiscovered Badoo profiles.
  • The subscription provides exclusive access to the most popular and newest members.
  • Messages can be highlighted at the receiver.
  • As a premium member additional stickers can be sent.

VIP membership: just under 100 euros for the most beautiful Badoo members

In addition to all Super Powers functions are available for 99.99 euros per month these functions:

• Only the most popular members are displayed in the hit game.
• The profile each user is displayed in the hit game.
• The profile is displayed both in the charts and in the area search at the top.

If you consider all the costs Badoo may develop into a significant financial factor. Bearing in mind that the platform does not have the best reputation due to many fake profiles on, users should consider the investment carefully. Perhaps the nice girl next door would be or the type of comparison more than an invitation for coffee …