With FotoSketcher provided user photos and graphics with a Schraffureffekt. The freeware spends "normal" Photos pencil hatching by granting so the effect of hand-drawn artwork.

FotoSketcher Download: turn photos into drawings

Images you alienated with FotoSketcher with just a few mouse clicks. Using a slider, it determines the strength of the photo effects, contrast or the line thickness. The color intensity can readjust users to their own taste. Besides JPEG, the freeware supports like PNG and other formats.

The original image and provided with the Schraffureffekten, changed image can be seen next to each other, so any changes are clearly expressed. The own works of art can decorate on request with a frame. With FotoSketcher you photos and graphics missed a whole new "painting", The easy-to-use freeware gives photos instantly an artistic touch. More photo filters to free download are available in our extensive software offering.

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FotoSketcher Download Editor's Rating