With the BOOKcook Download Manage] (/ buero-administration /) bookworms its holdings of printed works of any kind. Long Search on the shelf for specific books belongs thanks to the shareware of the past.

BOOKcook Download with interface to Internet databases

The detection of the literature runs quite quickly with the help of an interface to Internet databases. It is sufficient to enter the title, author or ISBN, and BOOKcook books management refers the remaining relevant information with one click. As a particularly handy sorting in the writings into categories proves especially with extensive holdings. In combination with a sophisticated search function, this contributes to quickly locate sought-books or magazines.

Like to know Black documented on White's reading habits, the Book Cook Books Administration provides detailed statistics. Them one takes, for example, when a book was last read. of books cooking is rounded corresponds conferred by detecting or printing units. For its function, the administrator requires the Microsoft .NET Framework.

BOOKcook Download

Limitations of BOOKcook Books Management

30-day trial version with limited number of records