Pot Farm - Grassroots

Pot Farm – Grassroots

After the great success on Facebook, the game comes as Pot Farm – Grassroots app now on the smartphone and tablet. Users are in the marijuana simulation for cannabis experts. They start planting, cultivate, harvest and sell the hemp plant. It is also their job to develop their farm continuously.

Pot Farm – Grassroots app: the popular hemp game for mobile devices

The indie development studio East Side Games, based in Vancouver, has taken up the cause to develop creative games with a high fun factor. Especially games that you must not take too seriously – which is often read already at the cute little graphics. That this strategy matters, the success of Pot Farm on Facebook has shown. The studio was able to record more than six million gamers. So fans of the game can look after their pot farm even more flexible and bring to grow, a mobile version of the game for Android devices was developed.

Pot Farm - Grassroots appPot Farm – Grassroots app – the popular simulation for Android devices

The Pot Farm app can be downloaded for free here. Players should just note that there are in-app purchases for real money.

Pot Farm app: Who is the cleverest Hemp Farmer?

The gameplay is very similar to the Facebook pioneers. The player becomes the must provide his skills in the breeding of plants and marketing of proof hemp farmers. he turns to sent, he can build a real little city.

the player will be provided various known types are available for marijuana growing. Among them are:

  • Kush: a very old variety of hemp, which is originally in Pakistan, Afghanistan, northern India and at home in Iran. The species belongs to the family of the Indian hemp.
  • Super Silver Haze: This variety is characterized by a lemony-sweet taste and has in the nineties cleared some prices.
  • Pineapple Express: The smell of this variety is a mix of apple and mango.

These and other varieties it is in the pot farm – Grassroots app grow, cultivate and cherish. As with other crops also, the player must protect the plants against insects and other natural enemies.

Pot Farm - Grassroots app developmentprotect plants from spider infestation & Removing farm

Steady expansion of the hemp plantation

Piece by piece, the player can then expand its plantation and zoom. He can define new tools such as water pumps, generators and lighting. In addition, he is able to open their own pharmacy where he can sell his crop. Or you look at a bakery places to where one offers tasty hemp specialties. Is the farm sometime so big that you can not alone cope with the work, you can hire workers.

As usual, the player can play with his Facebook friends and, for example, help each other.