eDocPrintPro brings a free alternative for printing Acrobat documents on the home PC. The freeware installed as Adobe's tool as a virtual printer that can be controlled from all popular applications out. Here eDocPrintPro supports popular paper sizes and for example, the creation of miniature overviews. This function of the freeware allows placing multiple pages on one sheet of paper. In addition, the free program will print the PDF files optionally made in color or grayscale. In addition, eDocPrintPro care of compressing and recalculating embedded images, so as to keep the file size of PDFs as small as possible. To this end, provides the freeware among other things, a pre-optimization for publishing the files on the Internet. In order for the documents created and so arrive at the addressee, as they have been created on your own computer, embeds eDocPrintPro the appropriate font files with.