WinSplit revolution

WinSplit revolution

Who often with many programs working simultaneously, the WinSplit Revolution Download love. the user a large display additionally called his own, so nothing can go wrong with the little helpers actually.

Download WinSplit Revolution shares a button on the screen

WinSplit Revolution shares at the touch screen and refers applications in terms of window position and window size targeted in their place. There are several options: Either you each control the active application (that is, which is clicked) by a small remote control and assigns manually a position to. The window size is adjusted automatically and WinSplit Revolution placed the application accurately on the desktop.

Option 2: In the settings window to complete sets can be assembled in position and size. Once called, the running programs are automatically placed according to the specifications. WinSplit Revolution can deal with a whole lot keyboard shortcuts for various actions that can all be freely demonstrate in the options. By the way, you can still adjust the opacity (transparency) for individual windows and a "Always On Top" activate the applications underlying always covers the corresponding window.

WinSplit Revolution Download

Moreover WinSplit Revolution screenshots manufactures and stores selbige either to the clipboard or to disk. With dual screens WinSplit Revolution can also work around, but the handling is hereby used to. Be that as it may, it works. Conclusion: As a multi-window worker can actually roll over in the face of WinSplit Revolution only joy. Practically. Functional. Flexible. Recommended.