Delete WhatsApp Backup & mobile data garbage free

Delete WhatsApp Backup & mobile data garbage free

Delete WhatsApp Backup and remove all traces of unnecessary communications completely. delete the history of the messenger, not enough to banish data completely. learn more here!

Who writes the lyrics straight on after the download of WhatsApp happy for Android or iOS, so can fabricate a very beautiful mountain of data. For the Messenger stores the complete history automatically in a kind of security file, you can restore the previously deleted chats.

WhatsApp Backup: These versions are available

WhatsApp offers two versions of the backup. Either internally or externally to the mobile device in the cloud with Google Drive. Here are on the phone the last seven (!) Stored local backup files via Google Drive always only the most current version. At what point is done to secure the chat history, can be set individually in the cloud; the internal backup is performed automatically every morning at 2:00 AM. We explain both ways on how to finally get rid of the sensitive data.

Clear internal WhatsApp backup and shovel the phone memory

The backup file can not be opened from the Messenger out, but only by using a file manager. Current versions of Android bring already own files an appropriate tool with. Now you have to search a little through the folder structure. According to WhatsApp the fuse is located under the following path: / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases /. but it is also possible that the file is in a different location of the phone. For example, not on the SD card but on the internal memory. The folder structure would be this: / Device storage / WhatsApp / Databases /.

Delete WhatsApp Backupthe WhatsApp can be just a file manager Delete Backup

Once you open the Databases folder can be found in the corresponding backups that only need to be ticked and can be deleted in connection with one touch on the trash and the confirmation.

Delete WhatsApp Backup and confirmWith the confirmation of the selected data is deleted.

Remove the Drive Backup WhatsApp

In order to delete the backup WhatsApp in Drive must be initially registered in the corresponding account. The access is usually by the mobile phone via the link, must be changed to the desktop version in advance. For this, press the Menu key typed on the top left and select the desktop version. In the next step, the options are invoked manage settings and apps via the gear icon. In the now appearing Overview WhatsApp is selected – under certain circumstances, it may take a moment until the app is listed. the service has been discovered, it is important to wait until the size of the Hidden app data will appear. Also which may optionally take a moment. Following the Options menu and the submenu hidden app data is chosen to delete. To ensure that all backup files are removed from the cloud.

Data production thanks to the backups

However, the backup can be useful in some cases. For example, if you have a new smartphone and wants to play his chat history to the new device. How to recover data thanks to the backups reveals the video: