TCPEye informs the user in detail about Network and Internet Connections. The free diagnostic tool also lists the associated port number and destination IP next process name. By pressing a button you close unwanted ports. In the column order TCPEye displays the protocol type, destination and information about the program process, among others. Manufacturer name or file name, for example, then unmask malicious code if this information is missing. By right-clicking and "Resolve address" converts the cryptic IP address TCPEye into a plain-text host names. Suspicious program files sends TCPEye directly to the online verification service VirusTotal. This performs a scan with several antivirus tools, and outputs fairly reliable information on whether it has captured malware. Also included are tools for locating and detail retrieval of IP addresses. Whether one or malware only "Home-radio operator" will find under the Windows processes TCPEye provides valuable support. No connection to the computer or away is hidden from the clever network professional. However, one should be careful before closing ignorant important ports.