Of the ROUTEXL download calculated as a free route planner, the optimal route from A to B. The special feature: The free Web app calculates an optimal route for up to 20 consecutive goals.

The Export ROUTEXL download GPS data on Navis

Conveniently, planned routes using GPS data can be exported to Navis. ROUTEXL uses for route planning maps from Google Maps. To plan a route, you are in the search field just all address data necessary for a route one, starting from the departure point on the via points the way to the destination. Departure and destination point can be changed at any time in the connector on the card.

By clicking on the button "calculate route" calculated ROUTEXL the optimal route, the intermediate targets are automatically sorted in an appropriate order between start and finish. Calculated routes can be shared directly from the browser via Facebook and Twitter or via QR code with others.

ROUTEXL download

Using the download button, the tool exports data in the format GPX, ITN or CSV to navigation devices such as Tomtom Tomtom & Co. With ROUTEXL is calculated in an instant the optimum route from one to several directions goals. Convenient parts- and export function to forward the data of the route planner on Navis or friends via the Internet. (Monthly or daily basis optional) for a fee even calculates the Web app optimized routes for up to 100 consecutive goals.