An underrated alternative to conventional applications to the Internet phone calls, is Fonie. Read here all about the clever site!

Whether the internet café, on school computers or work - on some computers can and can not do anything and let what fun it. And if neither Skype nor other services are installed on the computer, then it should look dark when it comes to telephony. However, if you want to use on his personal PC Skype, come here to free Skype download.

On the Internet, make calls via

The free service of Fonie offers the opportunity to make calls within seconds on the Internet - also with video. And the best: this is no installation of additional tools is necessary. The only requirement is a slight speech dishes, what you bring in doubt yourself, and an installed Flash plug-in. The side of Fonie offers different variants: the one-way conversation and the registered version for users who want to be reachable. Fonie runs on Windows and Linux systems and can be equipped with pretty ringtones. Even advocates of anonymity will be glad Fonie stores claims to be exclusively "Duration and time of the phone call", Neither IP nor contents or otherwise.

Internet calls

The one-way phone call

Here the phone is so easy almost anywhere else on the Internet. After opening the side Fonie and click on the centrally positioned Button "I want to making phone" access to camera and microphone must first be approved. This means in detail or two clicks in the opening Flash applet. The permit may be temporarily assigned or generally established. A window opens with a so-called token. This token is used to identify and establish the telephone call can either just read, copied to the clipboard, or sent via email - right at your fingertips via the server of Fonie and without previously logging in e-mail inbox. After the called party has received the link and clicked, the connection is made and it can be lostelefoniert. The transmission quality thereby moves in healthy midfield.

Internet telephone token

The registered version

but it is also possible to be always reachable - without link exchange before the call begins. For this, a simple registration on myfonie is necessary. These users must have only one e-mail address. Following one specifies a user name that is also the name of the future of personal Fonie page ( About this one is now accessible. Interlocutor can just go to the personal page and see if it is available, or call the future.

Thus Fonie not invent the wheel, although new, but the service of the young company is simple, works well and is especially for users who like it simple, a round thing.