WizFlow FlowCharter

WizFlow FlowCharter

Of the WizFlow FlowCharter Download is a practical tool for the creation of operational and flow diagrams (flow charts). With minimal effort, anyone can now illustrate the program sequences and present problem and solution quite simple.

day with downloading WizFlow FlowCharter to 30, free trial

The practical shareware comes after a quick download and a few clicks manual for installation on the computer and is available to the user for 30 days free of charge complete disposal. During this time, the user can create as many flipcharts, as he likes and needs and thereby get a good overview of this tool. He then decides either for or against the software presented here.

WizFlow FlowCharter brings a wide range of graphic elements for the individual design

To begin the download WizFlow FlowCharter own river and flow charts create, the project management tool offers a very wide variety of graphical elements with which the user can easily work comfortably and. These items he orders as he needs it straight and it can additionally provided with a brief explanatory text. In addition, the tool has the OLE function (object linking and embedding) to help the user create the charts can also cultivate into other documents. Furthermore WizFlow FlowCharter supports the flowcharts standards such as IMB, Ansi R-54 and some more. Therefore, it is this program is a valuable tool for project management to free download, which should not be ignored, especially in the office everyday.

Example diagrams and ease of use of project management tools

After the first start WizFlow FlowCharter is waiting with a sample chart to the user, by means of which he can take a picture of the tool and its functions and features.

WizFlow FlowCharter Download

This is a very simple chosen example, which contains the most important fasteners. In addition, the software has an easy-to-use menu, which is on the left and top of the canvas. The various buttons are intuitive and the overall layout of the program appears tidy and very clear. Practical flipcharts for office and everyday In almost every office a download WizFlow Flow Charter makes very useful, because with this, the user creates practical, solution-oriented flowcharts. The intuitive and simple operation, the program is suitable for everyone, even if it has little computer knowledge. The plurality of elements illustrated every problem and every corresponding solution. Particularly, the program is therefore suitable in project management.

Limitations of WizFlow FlowCharter

30 day trial