JibJab - Elf Dance Machine

JibJab – Elf Dance Machine

At the JibJab download you can dance with individual portraits, the elves as Elf Yourself alternative. A video message, the user sends using the Elf Dance Machine Web App family, friends and acquaintances multimedia Elfentanz Christmas greetings in the form of a Flash video.

JibJab Download: Christmas greetings with a personal touch

To create a little video and a personal touch with the Elf Dance Machine JibJab, you have to send to the web service in the first step at least one photo of yourself or another person by photo upload, Facebook or webcam. Up to five photographic portraits dance machine integrated. After that, the fine adjustment of the photo collage photo between head and animated elf body takes place.

JibJab download

provided JibJab video clips with a small greeting message

Finished Elfentanz videos of the user can be provided with a small greeting message and share via weblink, email, Twitter or Facebook with friends and acquaintances. With the Elf Dance Machine JibJab family and friends to surprise for Christmas with a funny video greeting card in the style of ElfYourSelf. Anyone with the Elf Dance Machine even more sophisticated video animations "own head" want to tinker, you should be sure to download or Elf YourSelf
View Elf Yourself App closer.

JibJab Download dance machine