ThouVis Professional provides architects and engineers a combination of CAD and graphics program aside. The virtual drawing board is suitable for planning as well as for complex engineering drawings.

ThouVis Professional Download with Dimension tool

Working with ThouVis Professional is facilitated among other things by an extensive catalog that includes ready-made graphics from different sectors. Here the user will find, for example, the familiar symbols for doors, tubs and similar items as they are often used in architectural drawings used. For the offered precision in the architectural sector, a Dimension tool provides. Its features of the helpers is also one drawing tools for vector graphics and different, freely definable tips for brushes and pencils.

In addition, ThouVis Professional is thanks to a layer management for complex graphics with many individual components. ThouVis Professional is rounded off with an interface for the DXF file format, which is considered the de facto standard in CAD and is used, among other AutoCAD. In addition, a TWAIN connectivity imported papery templates using scanner connected directly into the program interface. If these functions are not yet sufficient, the extended ThouVis Professional by various plug-ins or macros. Various other CAD programs for download free software offering available in our extensive.

ThouVis Professional Download

Limitations of ThouVis Professional

In the trial, the functions for saving, printing and exporting are disabled.

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ThouVis Professional Download Editor's Rating