So you check the Steam Server Status

So you check the Steam Server Status

Who want to play games from Steam, but nothing beats should troubleshoot the first Steam Server Status check. How to do it, shows the following instructions. Read more here!

In Steam is a platform for games developed by Valve. On the online platform can be partly bought very cheap, are then downloaded and played games. This requires the free download of the Steam client. In addition, the Community offer is large pronounced: There are thematic groups, forums and an instant messenger, so many contacts can be made. Also for developers Steam is very interesting, because they can publish their games on the platform. However, it always depends on the functioning of the Steam server. Games and service offerings can only be used if they are online. The Steam server status can be checked on various websites.

Steam Server Status

How does the Steam Server Status can be established?

Particularly annoying it is for players who have little free time and if and only want to play when the Steam servers are offline. Often think users in the first moment that one’s Internet connection or the personal configuration helps to blame that a connection is not possible. Therefore, it should be checked first, as it is with the current Steam server status. The servers are then Steam offline usually when necessary maintenance is performed or there are problems with the servers themselves. The aim of this tutorial is to find out whether the server Steam currently online or offline.

Steam: The requirements of the client

Those who want to install the client from Steam requires a computer running Windows or Mac OS X. Here, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 recommended. Mac users should have installed Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later operating system. The computer should also have at least a 1 GHz processor and additionally equipped with 512 MB of RAM. A fast Internet connection and a large hard drive with plenty of free space make the download of the games much more comfortable, as many games now occupy a lot of space for themselves.

Thus, the current status of the server can be checked

1st step: First, it should be checked whether its own Internet connection is working properly.

Steam Server Status Forum

Step 2: If there are no problems here, is the official forum, which can be found here, the first-best starting place. For users who do not speak English, there is also a German part of the board at the bottom. If the servers are currently offline, is first reported here, what difficulties there are exactly or whether current maintenance work is performed and how long this.

Steam Server Status English Forum

Step 3: This page also the current number of users can be members. Also on the number of users can be recognized if Steam is currently offline.

Steam Server Status user numbers
Step 4: In addition, can be verified using external sites such as this website which servers currently in the country are offline or online. If the Steam Server Status looks normal and there are no problems, are any problems before with a PC.

Steam Server Status List