YouTube Unblocker for Chrome

YouTube Unblocker for Chrome

The small but nice add-on for the Chrome browser brings all blocked by GEMA videos on YouTube back. Here, the YouTube Unblocker Chrome is not only without Proxy, but also brings great playback quality.

YouTube Unblocker Chrome unlocks YouTube Videos

The watching music videos on YouTube is often only disappointing. Not only do you constantly encounters blocked videos and is fobbed off with black permanent screens and an official statement. Many of the videos not even appear in searches on – and there are hundreds of thousands. Who is tired of these blocks, can now do with the Google Chrome add-on help. Whenever a blocked for Germany video appears, bypassing the extension for Chrome those countries inhibit and gained access to this video – and quite legally.

YouTube Unblocker Chrome

Legal Videoentsperrung Google Chrome Extension

To do this, set the add-on proxy server from abroad. There are other extensions for the Google Chrome browser that will bring about the unlocking of YouTube videos already. But unlike the latter, the Unblocker takes the user not just to general about foreign proxy server. His way of working is much more differentiated. For the YouTube Unblocker Chrome always uses only then back to the proxy server if a locked video appears. Say, the surfing experience of the user is otherwise impaired in any way. In similar tools increase in latency or lower image qualities occur at this point often. That is, even here there are at constant sound interruptions and image stuttering no real music video enjoyment.

install YouTube Unblocker Chrome

install video unlocker easy in the Chrome browser

But before you can run nonstop all his favorite music videos to heart, the YouTube Unblocker Chrome must first be downloaded and installed. And so easy the clever Unblocker comes to the computer: First, the add-on is downloaded via the download button. Any warnings can be safely ignored because it is a simple Chrome extension. Once the download is complete, you need to install the browser itself. About the Chrome menu on the top right of the toolbar on user arrives on tools to the extensions. There then just the file that appears at the bottom of the download bar, getting involved. Now only confirm by adding and add-on can do his work and bypass the GEMA lock. Free add-on brings back music videos Is the installation of smart extension once completed, the Unblocker makes quite comfortably in the background his work. The user must henceforth not worry about anything, nor he has other disadvantages. The only thing the Chrome web users will notice: All music videos are back.