Satellite Antenna Alignment

Satellite Antenna Alignment helps you calculate the exact angle for adjustment of satellite dishes, ie the satellite dish. The freeware calculated desired settings for multiple satellites simultaneously. Based on the position and size of the dish as well as possible obstacles Satellite Antenna Alignment calculates the necessary settings for durable good satellite reception. Longitude and latitude of your own house is determined as a route planner or navigation device. The free workers all around the satellite TV also brings a number of professional functions such as the export of settings in various formats such as DOC, XLS and HTML. Also helpful is the built-in browser for the detailed search on the two top sites in terms of satellite dish. All in all, Satellite Antenna Alignment certainly not fun, which is partly due to the loveless program interface. Then it should here not so much arrive - the satellite helpful tool is definitely.

Limitations of Satellite Antenna Alignment

Free for private use.