R2D2 Translator

The R2D2 Translator converts German text entries into the synthesizer sounds of cuddly Star Wars droid R2D2. The free Web app works as a kind of universal translator between man and machine, and created on demand MP3 ringtones. R2D2 Translator translates up to 30 characters in one go in the language of R2D2. After entering the text, a click of the mouse button "translate"To sound the synth voice of the small plate mates with whistling and beeps. The highlight of the matter: Star Wars fans can save the sound file created as an MP3 on your computer and use it as a ringtone for your mobile phone. With free R2D2 Translator Friends of Cinema Schlager Star Wars have fun in the browser. In addition, can be free with the service in no time Star Wars ringtones from R2-D2 save locally and use on smartphones.