choose which Pokémon GO Team: red, yellow or blue?

which Select Pokémon GO Team? Faced with this question gamers after they have made it to the Pokémon GO Level 5th We tell whether Team Yellow, Red or Blue is the better choice and what players should absolutely know before the team selection. More on this below!

Select Pokémon GO Team: Intuition, wisdom or courage?

Intuition, wisdom and daring, that's the big question when deciding "Pokémon GO: Choose Which team?" For one of the three teams yellow, red or blue, the player must decide soon after the Pokémon Go app download. The teams are absolutely identical with regard to strength, power and strength, but only in appearance, leaders and mascots. So you have in terms of forces and playful no real advantages or disadvantages.

Select Pokémon GO TeamWhich Pokémon GO team select from Level 5? Source: The Pokémon Company

Legendary Flight Pokémon in the emblem of the team

The three teams each carry the crest of a legendary Flight Pokémon. For Team Blue, is Artkos for Team Red Moltres and Zapdos Team Yellow. The blue team wisdom is attributed as property. It is led by the researcher Blanche. Tactically, this means above all a lot of patience in the development of their own Pokémon and focus put on the harvesting of Pokéstops and collecting many Pokémon. On the other hand is red for valor, strength and competition. Candela leads this team that wants to excel especially in battles in the arenas. Team Yellow eventually led by Spark and trusts entirely on intuition. is promoted above all, the talent of your own Pokémon to have no unnecessary fights in mind.

The three Pokémon GO teams at a glance:

  • Intuition: Yellow, Leader: Spark, mascots: Zapdos
  • Valor: Red, leader: Candela, mascots: Moltres
  • Wisdom, color blue, leader: Blanche, mascots: Arktos

Team Blue is chosen most often

Surprisingly, the large differences in the choice of teams. Blue leads significantly with more than 40 percent, followed by Team Red with just over 30 percent. Team Yellow, however, must be content with about 25 percent. These figures were at least announced for the US and may significantly differ from country to country.

Select Pokémon GO team distributionTeam Blue has the nose ahead at present for members. Source: Adobe Digital Insights.

Which team have selected my friends?

More important than the philosophical properties of the three teams in question "choose which Pokémon GO team?" probably belong to which group your own friends and colleagues especially. Finally, it makes together the most fun to fight. Therefore our tip: Ask Just looking at the friends which team they have chosen and join them to conquer together arenas and defend.

Pokémon to choose tactics GO-Tip team

Clever tactics may be, to base the team selection from the environment map. Here, for example, many arenas to see, which were taken by Team Red, then you should join this team. since it dominates one's environment. Many players are wondering also whether they can still change the team later. Unfortunately, there is not the opportunity for Pokémon GO.