are The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)'s now free. The popular online role-playing game based on Tolkien's original story and makes both playful as well as graphically real head turner. LOTRO is not brand new. Since 2007 epic battles rage for Middle Earth on the web and are very popular. Now the operators upgrade to the popular item to shop model which allows a totally free games, but the player is the opportunity to purchase new items in the LOTRO Store. So if you invest money, certainly has an advantage. In addition, holders of were "old" paid license now for the VIP member and receive a monthly credit for the purchase in the shop. Notwithstanding represents all equally an exciting story about Gandalf and the Beutlings in the fight against Sauron & Co. ready. As usual applies to always expand your character, to provide them with new skills and meet exciting tasks. The principle is not new, but works very well and makes you feel good - not only for die Lord of the Rings fans. The downloader for HDRO invites more than 7 GB of data for - this may take a while. For this, the downloader is quite comfortable and also allows you to pause the download process. one is in the free Lord of the Rings Online, only one player second choice? And if it is so - great fun makes the role play anyway. Here, the Tolkien classic benefits well from the deep story and a lot of exciting quests that provide more than short game. Recommended.

Limitations of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)

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