The storage medium will somehow not correct? Then could the h2testw download help: This useful tool checks hard drives, memory cards and USB flash drives for their functionality.

h2testw downloadNot sure if the USB flash drive or other storage device delivers what it promises? The H2testw download gives it away. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Memory broken? The H2testw download gives it away

Whether it is USB flash drives, internal or external hard drives, SD memory cards or network drives – often there is critical data on such storage media or are to find their way to this very. And without being lost in the end because unreadable or otherwise defective and kryptisiert.

With the H2testw Download the user can find out whether this actually brings as much space as specified and that the equipment works as it is expected of him after buying a new storage medium. Because today portable storage media are just like fake and sold for much money – without that’s inside, what it says outside.

the user is, for example, assuming that he had before him, and it uses a 128 GB SD card accordingly, but in reality, the card has a capacity of only 64 GB of data beyond these 64 GB are simply overwritten – because the card is full, is not reported, since they “officially” have more capacity.

Older models, however might have become a bit weak on the chest and no longer have the power of the past. Here, too, helps H2testw.

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H2testw download no installationThe small program requires no installation and can be started directly. (Image: Screenshot c’t / Editorial)

just test before using

Whoever does not want to risk that their data will be lost or become unusable after it has been copied to the media, the small tool can predict can look.

The program tests the actually existing memory simply by completely filling it gradually with random data and reads all this data again afterwards. The written data is compared in connection with the read. Diving here for significant differences, something is wrong with the medium.

  1. You connect the storage device to the PC and start H2testw. Then the target you look off.
  2. Now you can still choose whether only part or all of the medium to be tested.
  3. The “endurance test” function allows the media describe, read and erase repeatedly – so more tests can be automated to run consecutively.

The tool creates a detailed report that the user should look closely at.

Download user h2testwThe user interface looks tidy, the actions of self-explanatory. (Image: Screenshot c’t / Editorial)

bring time

One note: It can when writing and reading a storage medium also from time to time appear minor bugs. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the test with the H2testw download at least twice in order to avoid such errors. If the device is connected with a cable to the computer, it also can not cause quite correct results since the cable transmission speed play along here. It is also worthwhile to test several cables.

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The graphical user interface looks tidy and self-explanatory. The program itself works on Windows. It works without installation and does not require administrator rights. A bit of time but you should bring depending on the size of the storage device for testing.

Since H2testw may – especially if the storage device is really fake – overwrites data, the medium should previously formatted and all data that may be present to be backed up.

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