Of the Beat Star Download plays Internet radio stations and assumes the music wish to do so legally as MP3 songs.

receive free with the beat Star download songs and save

The user selects the Windows Software Beat Star from a wide range of hundreds of international Internet radio stations the station you want from the Web Radio, Rock & Pop to pop country, or hip-hop. Mouse click music lovers can download any radio song and add as MP3 file of your own music collection. The genre and favorites list ensures that their own favorite stations always well remain in view. Also nice is the Mood mode that makes a background that changes according to time of day, the right mood

Beat Star DownloadWith the beat Star download record songs from the radio. (Picture: Abelssoft)

discover new radio stations and listen

Beat Star is ideal for use in the workplace. So office workers can listen to the modern radio receivers while working in the background varied music and playfully discover new radio stations and music genres in itself. It is in Beat Star is a Windows program that uses an existing Internet connection to receive any web radio stations from around the world in the best quality.

Browse different genres for matching radio stations

The stations are sorted in the Radio Player by genres such as pop, rock, pop, techno, classical, metal, oldies, soul and classical music, so the music lover does not lose the overview and can browse specifically to their own taste in music on the desired radio stations fit. Who selects the category in your area, find a targeted local stations in the area. The tracked favorite stations keeps the music lover as personal favorites resistant and can use them easily again.

record MP3 songs and legally create a music collection

Beat Star is not limited to his activities as a music player, but also proves to be more convenient MP3 recorder. The music tool cuts with the played in web radio songs and stores it either in MP3 or FLAC format as audio files on your own hard drive. Many users ask themselves whether the recording of songs with beat Star is legal. The answer is "Yes", Here the music lovers need not worry, as the playing and recording web radio without restrictions is allowed.

Beat Star Download recordingBeat star plays Internet radio stations and takes the music to MP3. (Picture: Abelssoft)

Free version of Beat Star with commercial breaks

Those who take commercial breaks and appeal for funds in purchasing, beat Star may use permanently charged. The manufacturer offers at a price of 10 euros to a Plus version that dispenses with these annoying interruptions.