Navigon Fresh

Navigon Fresh

Navigon Fresh ensures that the Software of Navigon navigation system always up to date remains. With the freeware the user creates a backup copy of the software on the navigation device and provides this level at any time restores.

The Navigon Fresh Download holds the Navi to date

Navigon Fresh offers access to Navigon shop and thus can be used by owners of Navigon navigation device to download new maps, points of interest (POIs), features or services for the navigation device and keep on this way, the software and the maps of the Navis always current. The free program will take care of data backup and is someone to check and update the navigation firmware and to expand the navigation system with new features. The freeware also supports KML files in the presentation of routes on maps.

Navigon Fresh Download

Check cards and services up to date

The handling is easy. After this Navigon Fresh Download and the installation includes the user be at Navigon navigation system via a USB cable to a computer. This detects the device and the card version used in the rule. Nevertheless, if connection problems occur, the manufacturer recommends first to start Navigon Fresh and only then to slot in the Navi to the PC. When you first start the freeware first asks about the language and the user then enters the right clear main menu. Here he can buy tickets and services or to check on their topicality Create and back up the Navis.

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choose a new announcement voice with Navigon Fresh

leaves a MyNAVIGON account to invest directly from the freeware out to access all functions. First, the user be registered Navigon Navi. If he calls several navigation systems from Navigon its own, they can be distinguished by the registered name. The Fresh Shop offers numerous enhancements to the navigation system. Among other restaurant guides can be earned. Also interesting is the possibility that Announcement voice spice things up and share through a more entertaining version. Various free offers are available, such as a welcome pack with points of interest and summer or City highlights for city trips to various European capitals. Who has limited memory, you can always delete individual cards. More route planner and map software is available in our software catalog for free download.

Navigon Fresh Download Account

Update mobile route planner and expand The free management and synchronization software for Navigon navigation systems has a easy operation and a clear interface. Update owner of a Navigon navigation systems and synchronize their mobile directions quickly and conveniently with the Navigon Fresh Download and upgrade the device with new maps and features.