Write diary with voice recognition

Write diary with voice recognitionDigital Diary maintains an electronic diary on the computer. The tool records the comments of the user to the daily happenings either classic keyboard or via microphone by voice recognition.

Write diary with voice recognition

The text layout entries fits Digital Diary at all to the taste of the user. Using a series of buttons, as you know from Word and Co., can be font, size and color individually. fanned the pages of a diary by the inclusion of pictures or video clips. This sets the tool from on request in a clear gallery.

Digital diary with RSS reader and email client

But Digital Diary can do even more. The program has its own mail client on board, manages contact information and recalls due dates. In addition, the virtual diary includes a feed reader, the current RSS news brings to the PC. Conveniently, Digital Diary managed in parallel by multiple users. So that the privacy of individual users is maintained, this their account with a password.

Enable free full version:

Note: In the setup package to Digital Diary For a TXT file that contains a link to the registration page of the manufacturer and any coupon code. Additionally, the program issues a request code during installation. After entering these two strings to get the activation key for the free full version. In addition, the setup offers to install a small tool called Software Informer, which is not required for the function of the electronic diary. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits. digitaldiary2