Delete duplicate contacts – on Android and iPhone

Too many entries in the phone's address? Numerous names several times represented? We show you how to Delete duplicate contacts can - both on Android and on iOS devices.

Delete duplicate contactsIf you want to delete duplicate contacts, you have to consider different approaches on Android and iOS. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Delete duplicate contacts is easier on Android

You look at the address of your smartphones and notes: Yikes, here's some double and triple in place? That one there lose track is clear.

simply delete messages by hand is tedious and not always well - maybe one accidentally deletes the wrong number. Because as soon a new contact is created, so tedious to dig through each entry to make the right locate and delete the redundant or even outdated is.

Android offers as a fairly simple way to solve the problem and called the "Merge Contacts". On iOS devices, the matter but behaves a little more complicated - here you have to an additional tool to draw, such as the Cleaner app. But one after anonther.

Android: Join contacts

Within the Contacts app on Android devices you can make duplicate entries quickly put an end without deleting the wrong thing - for duplicate entries can be identified quickly. Have you then check which are the right ones can delete your outdated numbers or simply merge the duplicate entries.

Every smart phone manufacturers may have set on its devices a slightly different approach - principally the paths are but at least similar, possibly simply called something different.

On the almost-stock Android of Motorola Moto Z as your proceed as follows if your duplicate contacts want to delete:

  1. You open the phone app and select the tab for the contacts.
  2. There you will scroll you through the phone book until you see a name twice.
  3. Tapping one of them.
  4. Android beats you here, if you scroll down, directly possible duplicate contacts before and lets you examine and link.

can in some versions of Android, such as in Samsung's Android, it may be that you must first open the upper right menu in the contact window and there "link contacts" option.

Delete duplicate contacts AndroidOn Android devices, there is a merge function directly in the Contacts app. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

necessary detour on the iPhone

Unfortunately, iOS does not offer this possibility in the telephone or Contacts app. Here I need you with an additional app help - or limit you either to the device memory or on iCloud and disable a group.

The safest option - here you can be sure not to lose any contacts or functions - is merging using an app like cleaner.

The tool creates a backup of your contact list that you can leave your send you by mail or stores in a cloud service before any reunification. Then you select the "duplicate" entry "Duplicate Contacts". The app then shows you the number of duplicate contacts in the address book. You can now examine each of these entries and merge.

Automatically duplicate contacts can be deleted by your simple "Merge all duplicates" option.You have an account incidentally, does not create and the tool works reliably even in the free version.

Delete duplicate contacts iOSFor iOS devices, an additional app like Cleaner is needed. (Picture: YT Development)

Second way: iCloud or disable phone contacts

You also can just one of the groups in which your contacts are located, turn off in the Contacts app. Accesses your example with an iOS device to the contacts, you simply disable the iCloud or services with which you have been synchronized the contacts. Here, however, it may happen that then missing entries in the activated group that is stored only in the other group. The need then your grudge hand.