piano chords

With the Piano chords download Music enthusiasts suitable theoretically read music easily, because this tool is especially designed for beginners and music students. is beautiful especially that it addresses not only students of the piano, but every music student, young or old.

learn by downloading piano chords notes finally understand

It's true: Quite simply, the world of music, that is the world of notes, chords and harmonies not. But with this audio tool is learning Willige can in the shortest time acquire the whole range of music theory. For this, the program provides with its beautiful well arranged user interface with the piano keyboard and the freely adjustable ranges. Thus, the user is equal to itself at work and always has an overview of what is being taught him.

The learning techniques of piano chords at a glance

First of all, the download of piano chords shows the scale in on a virtual keyboard. With their help, the music student orders now belonged or been demonstrated chords and sounds or sounds to. For this he moves the mouse over the respective keypad. This turns a visual aid. The root can be freely selected by the learner. Notenvorkenntnisse are not needed here, but also a good idea to deal with the specific vocabulary. In addition to piano chords, there are other audio tools for free download that will help in music theory or sound editing.

Detail specific data of audio tools and a small disadvantage

The keyboard of the audio tools indicates three full scales. Among them is the actual user interface, which displays the root, the chord, the scale and the formula. In the formula the student chooses, if he had given the command like as notes, as numbers or as a scale.

Piano chords download

Even if the user is actually in German, so the specific names are especially the chords and the scale in English. For the learning effect is not so tragic, but with the corresponding names in German of the students will be able to do anything later because he never learned this. This could itself become a problem especially in the orchestra, choir or in music lessons.