With a Download RunAsDate the user fetches a sleek, while useful tool on the computer, which has been carefully designed, like all other tools made by Nir Soft and brought to market.

Procedure for download from RunAsDate

Downloading the small tools is very simple: Just click on the adjacent download button and the tool is aimed it at home on the computer one. Here, an installation is not necessary and is even RunAsDate portable applications. This means the user can access an external storage medium such as a USB flash drive, drag the application and access with this any from any computer on the tool.

change with RunAsDate the time and date as

The small, sleek tool performs a single task: It changes in any program on your computer at the request time and even the date. Several programs can be provided with different times simultaneously. It is important here to know that affect the system time of the computer remains. It is thus fooled only the programs a time or a date. But beware: On the manufacturing side is clearly pointed out that this tool is not intended to extend free demo versions of certain shareware. This creates the tool, although in some rare cases, but most of the appropriate shareware is written with enough clever algorithms to uncover the fraud.

Interface and use of lean system utility

After RunAsDate Download the file is executed immediately and it opens a single dialog box.

RunAsDate download

In this, the user can now set free, what time it should be a program and what date that is to be displayed. He can also use this program interface reset it back to real time. The beauty of using this system utility for free downloading is that it can be used by anyone, let alone his level of computer skills. The system utility for time-changer By downloading RunAsDate, users get a simple and sleek tool on the PC, with which they can change the time and date of certain programs. Useful this tool has proven especially in games, where the user has to wait for some time that certain items are enabled or just the fact that he can continue playing. Here, the tool is also without installing intuitive and easy to use and makes between computer professionals and computer beginners no difference.