LG G5 Homebutton deffekt? No problem! you do not need!

LG G5 Homebutton deffekt? No problem! you do not need!

Of the LG G5 Home Button is the Achilles heel of the flagship. It is not necessary the one to use the phone with all the features. learn more here and save repair costs!

If you want, after downloading the KingRoot for Android restart the phone even at will – but it also goes without root!

LG G5 Home ButtonThe LG G5 Home button is not without reason at the rear of the device, because you do not really need him. (Picture: LG Electronics Germany GmbH)

Without LG G5 Home Button’s going well!

Actually, LG could omit the start button directly. Because the display is easy to activate with a double tap. And from here you have access to the main menu and all applications and thus complete control of all functions. Those who want to return to the lock screen, can wait either until the screen goes dark, or put a renewed double tap the smartphone into hibernation. Here it is advisable to keep clear a spot on the screen, on which no icon is to start an application. But what if the phone is off?

Turn on the phone without a start button

If the phone was once shut down, it can also be entirely without LG G5 Home button on again in a wonderful way. For this, the switched-off device must be connected only to the power supply. Recognizes the smartphone that current flows and it is charged, it will start automatically.

off the phone

Somewhat more difficult to turn off the power without LG G5 Home button is. The menu does not offer the option to shut down yet to restart. In this case, you have to resort to a trick and remove the battery from the device shortly. Since the LG G5 has been designed with a replaceable battery, but that’s no problem. Below on the left side there is a narrow, oval button with which the part of the phone can spit on which the battery is located. It is enough to briefly interrupt the contact between the battery and smart phone to turn it off. While this is certainly not the best way to bring his cell phone a long life, but it works.

The alternative

Who does not want to take from the network without warning his cell phone can access above the root. Thus, various apps can be installed, which extend the system applications significantly and add a start menu that works similarly to the PC. In addition to the shutdown, there are, for example, to restart the LG G5 also the option. However, some disadvantages are associated with a root: The device is vulnerable to viruses and other malicious software and after a root may void the manufacturer’s warranty – and that one should just think twice about any defective LG G5 Home button.