With free Cookbook Download is easily accessible and very easy to digitize your own recipe collection. Amateur chefs can manage their prescriptions convenient and always expanding. For creating new recipes instructions, ingredients lists, pictures and reviews can be integrated. In addition, popular dishes are found quickly thanks to categorization.

Cookbook download for amateur chefs and gourmets

Recipe collections in the form of cookbooks but also in digital form, there are a dime a dozen. Quick meals, recipes for singles, vegan cooking, Mediterranean cuisine or healthier cooking - the offer is endless. Particularly with regard to healthy eating, it has also the offer of free software for food & Drinking increased enormously. This category also includes the present program falls. However, these are no ready recipe collection. Rather, the cookbook download brings the ideal tool to create the perfect recipe own book. So it's more of a management program that specializes in gathering, editing, and using recipes. For this, the tool also comes with all sorts of helpful features.

Cookbook Download

Straightforward cookbook software with practical management

The current version of the cookbook downloads, which is offered here is suitable for Windows 8 operating systems from XP to Windows. The user interface is clearly structured and tidy. One feels at once the most important functions are either immediately visible or integrated into the menu bar. However, the layout not much attention was paid to aesthetics. The user faces a no-frills interface over in a drab gray. The surprise, since the eye known mitisst.

eat & Drinking Freeware is to own cookbook

What is missing in the optics, but to find in practicality. First, the cookbook is completely empty and waiting to be filled by the cook. Users can store in no time their favorite recipes with all the information and structure. Starting everything can be integrated from the list of ingredients on the description of the preparation, the preparation and cooking time to degree of difficulty. Cooks can also enter the number of people and vary and write reviews for the recipe here. In addition, you can still miss a friendly face with as many images the cookbook layout.

Cookbook Download menu

In addition to creating the prescription data and the recovery is well solved this in the program. Each recipe can be classified as a starter, main course or dessert. all information also can be used as a filter for searching for a specific recipe. So can be easily find the quickest recipe after work. Or if parents have announced for the weekend, one can make in no time find the court with the best reviews. For the holidays or a surprise 3-course dinner, the recipes can also be combined to menus very easy.

Import recipes and print function

If necessary, the recipes can be also printed. Here too, the cookbook download has some nice functions on board. The image sizes when printing are adjustable and the recipes are automatically distributed to several pages. When it comes to import the cookbook tool is a practical partner. It supports common file types for recipe collections as MealMaster (MM), RezKonv (RK), Regi Dean's Recipes recipe files and Vineta / Jineta XML recipe files.