game of Thrones

in the Game of Thrones Download the player explores in 16 chapters, the intrigues and events in the struggle for the Iron Throne. The game is based on the successful book series and TV show and opens up new perspectives on important events of the saga.

Novel narrative structure in Game of Thrones Download

The action in Game of Thrones Game begins before the first book and ends in time for the execution of Lord Eddard Stark. The story of the game was written especially for the game, but referenced many famous events, characters and settings. The author George R. R. Martin authorized the action as prequel and spin off and thus guaranteed a seamless integration into the book and television series.

Game of Thrones Download

In the game, the player moves alternately in the characters Mors Westford and Alester Sarwyck. The characters are controlled from the third-person perspective. As their paths cross occasionally, it happens that the player must control both characters at once. In these situations, the slow playback increases the chance of survival.

RPG offers customized character combinations

Players can after the Game of Thrones Download not choose their characters. Name and appearance are given, also in the allocation Ritter (Mors) and Red Priest (Alester) can not be shaken, but players can prove imagination in the characters.

The structure is reminiscent of pen and paper role-playing games: For each of the figures are four different occupations to choose from. Behind every professional class, while all skill trees that make up fighting styles and personality traits hide.

What at first glance seemingly endless possibilities, turns out to be just a facade without much impact. There is hardly noticeable differences in the often chaotic acting struggles, whether one chooses meticulously the strengths and weaknesses or blind together clicks.

Game of Thrones Download Battle

Game of Thrones Game: Good story, bad graphics

Unfortunately, the Game of Thrones Game not only the fight strategies are a bit unbalanced. The entire game does not use the capabilities of modern digital technology completely. The graphics of the persons being held somewhat coarse, reminiscent of computer games of the last generation, which is a consequence of the extremely long development period. The scenes are visually quite well reproduced, but in most places it is merely facades that do not allow exploring Westeros.

the story alone makes all these drawbacks up for it: The dense and well thought out storyline ensures constant curiosity and given the desire to gamble despite all the quirks alive.