WhatsAppitis: How it gets rid again &

WhatsAppitis: How it gets rid again &

What was the mouse arm a few years ago, is today WhatsAppitis. The disease’s actually. learn here what are the causes and symptoms and how to relieve the pain.

Those who exaggerates and after the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS hours hammers away on his smartphone news, it will probably soon regret. Although the first moment after a typical parental tales – sounds, this disease is real and not a pleasant thing – I say only square eyes.

WhatsAppitisWhatsAppitis – makes WhatsApp sick?

WhatsAppitis – advanced smartphone disease

Mouse arm is likely to be a household name to most users today. This condition, which is caused by excessive use of the computer mouse, is a painful thing.

Now the behavior of users has changed significantly in recent years and is moving towards mobile devices. For many people, the smart phone has become the most important tool of their everyday life. With the device not only e-mails are checked, but also read news and games gambled. It is surfed through social networks like Facebook and, of course, is high on the list chatting – mostly via WhatsApp. This smartphone dependence leads to new diseases – as just WhatsAppitis or the mobile neck.

Brand new, this development is not, however: Even the late nineties the disease Nintendinitis was determined by an Australian doctor. One patient had by excessive gaming with the console purulent wounds in the palms.

WhatsAppitis postureIncorrect posture can lead to the disease Whatsapp

Causes of WhatsApp’s disease

As with all things in life, it’s just always a question of moderate benefit. Who no longer lifts his head from his mobile phone, must sooner or later expect that the body takes revenge. So it was with the patient in the WhatsApp’s disease was diagnosed.
The Spanish doctor Ines Fernandez-Guerrero had been diagnosed in a young woman. The woman came shortly after the Christmas holidays with severe pain in the thumb and hands to the doctor. It quickly became apparent that she had tendinitis in both thumbs. The reason: She had continuously sent over six hours in the chat client messages. A clear case of WhatsApp use “en masse instead of in moderation.” You can read more detailed in the journal The Lancet. The doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug and strict ban on mobile phones.

Symptoms in WhatsAppitis

Who wonders if he also a bit exaggerating it a chat and is heading to your new phone-suffering, should pay attention to the following symptoms. These signs may indicate the disease:

  • Pain in the wrist and / or in the thumb
  • Cornea on the thumb – not really a problem, but definitely a sign that the smartphone is too often kept in the hands
  • Common headache or problems with the eyes
  • neck tension

The way the doctor could not hurt in these signs. If the disease is diagnosed, it can be assumed that they prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain and most likely also prescribed a cell phone ban gets.

Preventing pain

One of the main problems when constantly playing on the smartphone is the unhealthy attitude. Many sit hunched, head down to their device. Right here you have to watch, advise physicians. The best way to change periodically his attitude – that can prevent at least the muscle tightness and the mobile neck. Those who sit a lot at the computer should provide the monitors at eye level.
Who wants to prevent WhatsAppitis and tendonitis in their hands, simply should adhere to a healthy amount of cell phone use.