ProxMate for Firefox

The free extension for Firefox is able to bypass countries locks. It thus offers the user full back surf enjoyment including all TV series, music videos, movies and radio streams. Grooveshark, YouTube and Hulu may thus be involved in the Favorites list again.

Thanks ProxMate Firefox blocked content thing of the past

Music lovers and fans of video streams can sing a little song: They are his favorite song on YouTube and all you get is a black screen with an apology that the video is not available in this country. However, not only on YouTube, the GEMA topic is explosive. The music streaming service Grooveshark has even fully adjusted its offer for German users, after a long dispute with GEMA. TV and music enjoyment is another way - like this: The free ProxMate Firefox brings an effective Unblocker for YouTube, Grooveshark and Co, on the computer. The add-on bypasses all countries barriers and brings back all the sought-after content. the whole is realized by using proxy servers abroad. The manufacturer makes one himself advantage of extensive network of proxies, which are displayed when the corresponding content.

ProxMate Firefox

Users can thus consume their ** favorite TV series and feature films, music tracks and radio streams unlimited **. Where other enhancements and software for Mozilla Firefox when unlocking YouTube videos to its limit encounter, this add-on turns on in earnest. It supports the following web pages and unlock their content: YouTube, Grooveshark,,,, Vevo, MTV, Pandora, Google Play, iHeart, Songza, Discovery, Hulu, Crunchyroll,, South Park Spotify and Beat Music. Incidentally, there is also the possibility to extend the offer to some services. ProxMate speaks in this context of a donation of over 3.00 euros. If you have invested this sum, the user can use, among other things, content from Netflix, NBC or the BBC iPlayer. In addition, include faster server waiver ProxMate banners and your name will appear to thank you.

ProxMate Firefox Installation

Easy setup of ProxMate Firefox

The installation of the add-on provides the user no special challenge. First, start the file via the download button on this page. the download is initiated, a window opens with a warning. Since it is a Firefox extension, this peace of mind can be neglected. For this, simply confirm install demand with now. If it is installed, this is confirmed in the upper left corner with a message. You can find the unlocker - like all other installed Firefox Add-ons also - in the menu extensions.

ProxMate Firefox settings

Firefox add-on with individual setting options

If the ProxMate Firefox installed, it performs its function unobtrusively in the background. Say, all on-demand video, movies, series or music tracks on all web pages can be heard and watched. who the Limit selection of sites to be unlocked or wants to enjoy completely goes as follows: Simply access the tool via the Firefox menu and category extensions. There, all the settings via the link can view more. Here, then all websites and services that are currently unlocked listed. If certain pages are not considered, just remove the check from the check box. Nonstop TV series, YouTube videos and music thanks ProxMate ProxMate Firefox has different unlocker in the shade thanks to the support of many online services. In addition to YouTube Fans Friends American series, movies and all streaming services get their costs. Locked content belong to using the add-on of the past. A download is worth it.