First Aid: Forgot iTunes security issues

Who has forgotten its iTunes safety questions can reset it and request a new one. It's so simple. Apple ID Renew your protection now! The management software iTunes is actively used by many music and movies lovers. iTunes does not only work on Apple devices, but runs with the free iTunes download for Windows on Windows computers properly. ITunes can not only manage, organize and collect music and videos, but it can also add new items are purchased. Many users are desperate when it does not own passwords, but the Forgot iTunes security issues have that are necessary for many purchases.

Forgot iTunes security questions: What now?

To buy on iTunes, a special Apple ID is required, which is secured with a password. If you lost your password or you want to make special purchases, a security question must be answered. But as these security question has often created months or even years ago, many users remember hardly any of them and have forgotten the iTunes security issues. However, there are various means and ways can be reset these security issues, so that access to the iTunes account is possible again. Forgot iTunes security issues

iTunes: The System

Users who want to run iTunes on a Windows computer, need a computer with Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. In addition, 400 MB free hard disk space and a broadband connection is required. Also recommended is a PC with a processor that has at least 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM. Mac users need as an operating system OS X 10.7.5 or later, 400 MB hard disk space and also a fast broadband connection to the Internet.

Thus, the security question is reset

  • 1&# 46; Step: First, this website must be open to the Apple ID. Then your Apple ID is selected to manage.iTunes security issues Forgot ID
  • 2&# 46; Step: After the user has logged in with an ID and password, the point password and security must be selected.
  • 3&# 46; Step: Under the two security issues that now appear, there is a button that says Forgot your answers? The user must now send an email to the specified email address.Request forget iTunes security issues
  • 4&# 46; Step: Now new security questions and new answers can be set. For older accounts that exist for a long time, this option is often not given. In this case, users must contact customer of Apple, this is usually done by telephone. Telephone support from Apple is chargeable.