The free Game 4 pictures 1 word based on a simple yet addictive gameplay as well. In the win app, it is important to find a common generic term for the four photos shown.

Tricky picture puzzles for the PC with 4 pictures 1 word Download

The principle of the four images one word downloads is explained in a moment - because name says it all. The user receives four different photos that are substantively all connected and this exact word is searched. This may sound at first glance simple, but sometimes a real clout. Not for nothing this puzzle game counts on Android and iOS mobiles already several million players and is now also for the computer running Windows 8 (.1) to disposal.

4 pictures 1 word Download

Varied puzzles with mobile game operation

Users who prefer to gamble tricky puzzles games on the PC than on the smartphone, the feeder of the popular picture puzzle on the home computer a pleased. Thanks to continuous updates the game already has more than 1000 Bilderrätsel, waiting to be solved. Nevertheless, the game can not deny its origins in the mobile world in the Windows 8 version, as is the service, as is known from the mobile version is obtained. This means the solution word can not be simply freely entered via the keyboard, but must click by click of a letter box to be assembled. Faced with a lack of time limits but this is not a big leg break. but otherwise it is very visually appealing and designed without much distraction.

Level must be completed - helping coins

Of the 4 pictures 1 word Download is not only suitable for the short pastime during the lunch break. Also real puzzle lovers come in this game at their expense. Not only that level after level requirements increase, there is also a special feature with respect to the game principle added: Individual puzzles can not simply be skipped or be exchanged, namely, even if the solution seems initially unreachable. Before the player can dive into the next level, he must have solved the present.

4 pictures 1 word Download Level

But do not worry - of course, the game offers appropriate assistance. For example, a photo - to enlarge them - it should not even be good enough recognizable. On top of that you find the solution word, if needed, can get advice. Of course, but these are not in vain, because with every indication the user loses a certain amount of money. This means that 400 coins each player at the start of the game, shrink with every assistance. Next solution aids you can let delete wrongly inserted letters in the solution concept. but the loss of assets can be replenished with each solved puzzles. Are the amounts of money but once used up, replenishment via the in-app purchase can be purchased.