Firefox Australis perfection: Hide address bar and bookmarks

While the Mozilla Firefox download newly released Version 29 design is not everywhere popular - but who wants to further reduce it, here is the perfect helper.

Firefox Australis perfection: Hide address bar and bookmarks

Fox 29 Australis was introduced. Details on this and to turn off the new appearance is here: Australis: New design in Firefox 29 shut However, should the new surface of the Mozilla browser will also find numerous friends are under design purists. Who wants to go one step closer to the full screen mode and display websites almost in full screen, place in The Fox, Only Better a useful Firefox add-on to hide address bar and possibly bookmark. The Fox Only Better address bar disappears Screenshot

Address bar and bookmarks appear when needed

Is the Firefox add-on installed and enabled, the address bar will disappear along with the bookmarks without comment immediately. All that remains at the top edge of the browser, the tab bar. Now you move the pointer to the top edge of the address bar goes along with the favorites from top to bottom and presents itself also rounded. This is a useful feature and looks the other hand of chic. The Fox Only Better address bar appears screenshot In addition, safety aspects were considered: When switching from one website to another, a further reduced address bar displays the same applies when entering passwords. In this way prevents users because of the hidden address bar space out and accidently end up on an undesired web page. The download link as always, please refer to the article.