book2 German - Vietnamese

book2 German – Vietnamese

Interested the Vietnamese language to get the book2 German – Vietnamese Download a free language trainer at hand. The course comes in the form of auditory lessons in MP3 format on the PC. The language teacher is suitable for beginners who want to learn the levels A1 and A2.

book2 German – Vietnamese download teaches tonal language

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and is now spoken by about 84 million people. The linguist Haudricourt and Przyluski have made a classification, after the Vietnamese the Austro-Asiatic language family and within the Mon-Khmer languages ​​belongs. The language has two particular aspects: First, it is poorly understood because of the very long-running war in Vietnam, on the other hand is a tonal language. That is, to consider six notes in the pronunciation and intonation of words the most important thing. Thus, language samples are particularly well suited to study this foreign language. Since the download book2 German – Vietnamese is a completely auditory language teachers, it is particularly recommended for the Vietnamese.

book2 German - Vietnamese Download

suitable for beginners Vietnamese – German book2

The free language trainer from the Goethe Verlag is ideal for beginners. That is, put the audio files to at point zero. Neither vocabulary knowledge or knowledge in the field of six notes or concerning grammar is required. The tool is designed to motivate interested the Vietnamese to learn the language using loosened and practical language samples. In 100 language lessons, the learner is slowly introduced to the language. he holds all the lessons by who can acquire the Common European Framework levels A1 and A2.

Foreign learn through practical examples

In principle, that is with all things so that you will relearn or needs: Does that make learning fun and opens up in the mood, is learning a no brainer. So it is with foreign languages. Those who want to learn self-sufficient with a software languages, needs a good breeze motivation and practical lessons. Download catered Vietnamese – for the latter in any case with the German book2. The MP3 lessons treat all issues of everyday life: from the welcome and getting to know about shopping in the supermarket and dinner at the restaurant to small talk situations. Also for the doctor’s visit and public transport you will be equipped with the appropriate vocabulary. The further the students ventured into the lessons forward, the more complex and extensive the phrases and sentences are. However, the grammar should not be a barrier because the Vietnamese is an isolating language. Words are therefore not flexed, also the basic vocabulary is monosyllabic. So the biggest challenge are the sounds – which determine the meaning of a word.

book2 German - Vietnamese vocabulary download

learn Vietnamese language with examples The nuts and bolts in learning the Vietnamese is the emphasis – without audio examples as it gets. Therefore, the existing from MP3 files book2 German is – Vietnamese suitable for beginners. The advantage of this type of teaching: you can learn when and where you want!