Redshift compact

Of the Redshift Compact Download brings users the sky very close. The virtual planetarium holds ready spectacular representations of the planets, comets, stars and other celestial phenomena.

Redshift Compact Download with detailed star charts

wait for amateur astronomers 3D views of the solar system, detailed maps and scientific data including multimedia tours. Redshift Compact simulates the view of the starry sky at any desired time. More than two million stars, star clusters 1800, 100,000 deep sky objects, 15,000 asteroids and 1,500 comets found in the database of Redshift Compact. A realistic 3D model of our galaxy has stars expert as well as printable star maps. Multimedia presentations facilitate access to the extensive knowledge of all celestial objects.

The guides show impressive celestial phenomena and spectacular Raumfl├╝ge.Die program interface can be controlled by mouse and joystick and contains an astronomy encyclopedia. 3D views of planets and a connection to the online service by Redshift Compact complete the digital planetarium. With Redshift 7 Compact a flexible virtual planetarium lands on the desktop. Amateur astronomers should look forward to an extensive database and stars 3D presentations. Rarely it was so easy for lay people to explore the universe in detail. Various other astronomy software for free download software offering is available in our comprehensive.

Redshift Compact Download