JFritz controls the FRITZ! Box and will download the phone list. The router Freeware assigns the numbers from the call list names from the phone book. one determines unknown callers via a reverse search. During the call list already provides convenient access to the list of phone data available at the FRITZ! Box interface, this comfort of JFritz is further raised. The FRITZ! Box software loads the arrived and dialed calls and processes the entries. The tool assigns numbers to names and deletes duplicate phonebook entries .. The call list and the phone book JFritz exported to a CSV file of many programs (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) can be further processed. Highlight the application is the call monitor: In real time, the status indicator displays which number is on a call. JFritz transforms the FRITZ! Box call management in a phone book Deluxe. Gone are the days when you sat against unknown phone numbers and did not know who called. The extension software displays the caller's name. She also ensures the call list and prepares it for import into spreadsheet & Co. on. JFritz supports the following FRITZ! Box models: 5010, 5012, 5050, 7050, 7150, 7170 Wi-Fi, WLAN 7270th