The Great Mahjong

In The Great Mahjong is all about the classic Chinese puzzle game Mahjong. The freeware offers more than 150 different Mahjong puzzles in an attractive 3D graphics. An editor for personal Knobel experiments completes the Free Game. The free The Great Mahjong is waiting for four different game modes. In the so-called "Quest mode" the player must solve the puzzles in a precisely predetermined linear order. In "Classic" seeks to keep yourself a challenge out while in mode "Time Attack" you have to quickly solve the logic puzzles with the painted tiles in the fight against the clock. The graphics of The Great Mahjong is the game back from a 3D isometric view. Depending on the requirements of the players, the "board" rotate with the 144 bricks for a better view. As always, it is important to clear the pairs painted with characters or graphics brick fits from the field. But beware: There are always four identical tiles, you have to look carefully when to clear away what manner of stones without the further way to the goal to obstruct. The free The Great Mahjong presents the timeless good game from the Far East in a timely packaging. For long-lasting brain-teaser of the built-in games generator is to ensure that additional fun at the traditional Chinese board game promises.