Of the Stab2D-NL Download is the non-linear average size determination and deformation calculation of planar frame systems, in particular of reinforced concrete.

Reinforced concrete structures model with the Stab2D-NL Download

The non-linear behavior of concrete is the implemented in the program INCA2 effects into consideration (tension stiffening, shrinkage, creep, bias subsequently added cross-sections, etc.). Further, the elongation of the system axis at the moment and stress theory 3rd order for cable structures and a non-linear elastic foundation taken into account, for example, for foundations.

This not only reinforced concrete structures, but also composite construction or 2D structures from virtually any materials can be modeled. A detailed help and several examples are included. The registration of the university version and use in research and teaching is free. Stab2D-NL is being developed at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. Who other industry solutions in the field of construction & Craft studied will find it in our extensive software catalog.

Stab2D-NL Download