The Open Source Game Free Orion is inspired by the classic strategy game Master of Orion. Together with the legendary Civilization is one of this turn-based game of the forebears of the 4X strategy genre. These four X is eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate - to German: scouting, spread, exploit, exterminate. That sounds menacing, it is also and describes the task in FreeOrion quite accurately. Starting from a small, insignificant celestial bodies, the player goes to the task of making the galaxy subject. Not surprisingly, one meets in the course of this endeavor to other nations that are more or less well-disposed towards the Space Emperor-to-be. Helps all action and negotiation not, you have to grab resources at FreeOrion willy-nilly to rabid direct to convince his opponents of the validity of their own arguments. So that one can defy the arms of his opponents also should take care of research and development of its civilization at FreeOrion sufficiently. Civilization in space: For fans of the genre definitely a recommendation!