Terrarium TV app

The Terrarium TV app offers current movies and all seasons of the most popular series - of Game of Thrones to Westworld - to free to stream or download. As tempting as the offer is - the streaming app is to enjoy myself Caution!

Note: The title, which can be accessed with the app are copyrighted. Who makes a copy of movies or series, must reckon with criminal implications. We recommend instead to resort to legal alternatives.

Terrarium TV appThe terrarium TV App offers everything your heart desires; However, not legal. (Image: Terrarium TV)

Movies and series free with the terrarium TV app

The offer of free streaming app is almost unbeatable: In addition to current blockbusters, there is the most popular series of all streaming provider: In addition to perennial favorites like Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad or How I Met Your Mother can also be absolute releases as Westworld or Stranger Things to enjoy in the original version for free. Whoever wants to can get language assistance through subtitles in various languages. However, the supply of the terrarium TV app is not quite legal.

Streaming is a gray area - but be careful with downloads!

Terrarium TV offers the complete film and series selection of both the stream as well as download. And here decides whether one is still on halblegalem terrain or must reckon with a hefty warning. The reason for this curious distinction lies in the different operating principles: If only saved a temporary file of the individual sequences Stream, create user when downloading a complete copy of the original. And this is in the case of terrarium app (even in terms of the fundamental right to a private copy) illegal. Since a manifestly illegal template was copied, are open resourceful law firms floodgates to earn with costly warnings a goldene Nase. For around 250 euros will be due per downloaded movie on average. Not so with the Stream: Since no copy of the complete title is created, one commits (at least currently) any rule of law - but the law can change quickly here.

Requirements for using the app

Thus the terrarium TV app works trouble-free, the machine must be running at least Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream sand switch) or a newer version. In addition, the MX Player app must be downloaded. The small tool is an absolute highlight among video players, completely legal and should be absent without terrarium TV on any mobile device.