Of the CamUniversal download controls the activities in space using a connected web or Netcams and records video also.

CamUniversal Download with built-in Web server

In addition, the shareware clips as needed via the Internet or local network connection any number of users to retrieve ready. The latter task done CamUniversal based on client-server technology. Thus, a central computer acts as a distribution center, which forwards the video signals to the networked PCs. The tool also includes an integrated Web server. This allows access to the cameras via HTTP, so with standard browsers.

Thanks to a timer starts and stops CamUniversal recording at arbitrary times. Since the shareware the length of the records imposes no limits, the tool is also suitable for daily or nightly monitoring business-used premises.

CamUniversal download

Limitations of CamUniversal

Supports up to two cameras. The videos are limited to 15 minutes in length.