Amiga Racer

Of the Amiga Racer Download not only promises fast-paced racing fun, but also awakens memories of the early '90s. Games like OutRun, Ridge Racer, Indy 500 or Grand Prix racing are among the classics these days. Who wants to be put back to the time of his youth, can use the free Amiga Racer in no time.

The Amiga Racer Download: a game for lovers of classical music

Well, the concept of the game and the controls are far behind those of the current versions of Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, "Fast & Furious " & Co. Only the difficulty level and the sound can be adjusted. Nevertheless, the free Amiga Racer Download is a must for all lovers rousing race. The Retro Game lovingly developed has two different circuits and numerous cars, including BMW M3 E36, Lotus Esprit, Nissan GTR, Mini Cooper, Porsche 911, Mercedes CLS or (somehow fitting at the time) a DeLorean (from the one in Back to the Future time machine was).

Amiga Racer DownloadStart and finish at the Amiga Racer Download

directly start the race without installation

The Amiga Racer download is available for various operating systems, in addition to Windows, Mac and Linux for the GCW Zero Gaming Console or Amiga OS 4. After downloading the game without prior installation can be started directly. Players will not take long to succumb to the charm of the game. then who the two race tracks are no longer sufficient, which can unlock more levels over a donation to the development team AmigaTec Inc.. To be accessible to the Amiga Racer Construction System short ARCS can be generated by any number of new routes.

Amiga Racer DownloadImages: AmigaTec Inc.

Trend Retro Gaming: The development continues

According to the developers AmigaTec Inc. among other cars also a multiplayer mode to be integrated into the game in the future. Currently, both the game and the site is still in development. We remain excited to see where the journey of Retro Game Development of AmigaTec Inc. will go and what titles will follow. Amiga Racer is in any case already worth a download. The trend of retro gaming Created in the late 90s and from 2000 came more and more classic games on sampler on the market. Especially gamers in the late 80s, grew up the early 90s, may well be heated mainly for nostalgic reasons for retro games.