With SJ AVA Create architects and engineers documentation on tenders for construction projects. The shareware records the respective relevant information in a clear tree structure as we know it from the Windows File Manager. Conveniently, SJ AVA includes a management tool for frequently required master data and document templates. This to tie into the newly created bills of a mouse click. In the tables for assembling the LVs man lists all planned work broken down according to their respective trades. Here are also fields for entering the costs of materials and personnel. The final tenders sent SJ AVA email GAEB conform to the individual bidders. For further processing or to exchange data with colleagues, the tool also maintains interfaces to sirAdos, HeinzeBauOffice or Excel or OpenOffice. In the download area SJ AVA is also available as a plug-in version for SJ OFFICE of the same provider.

Limitations of SJ AVA

Limited print and export functions